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Nitrile Sheet and Tubing insulation

Nitrile Sheet and Tubing insulation

Nitrile sheet or tube is a flexible elastomeric thermal insulation. Sheets are available in roll form.The cell structure with in the sheet or tube effectively retards the flow of moisture vapour and is considered a low transmittance vapour retarder. Sheet and tubes are black in colour, the standard thickness of both tube and sheets are 3,6,9,13,19,25, and 32 mm, the sheets are 1 meter in width and the tubes are 6 feet(1.83m) in length. Nitrile tubes are used to insulate pipes. Pipes are of different diameters hence nitrile tubing is available in diameters ranging from 6 mm(1/4 inch to 120 mm (4 Inch). Nitrile sheet and tubing has a temperature range from -40 deg cent. to 115 deg cent


The advantages of Nitrile sheet and tubing insulation are that it has no fire spread, it minimizes vapour penetration resulting in a long term performance, the quality of low thermal conductivity results in energy saving, high resistance to heat transfer, self extinguishing and non dripping.


Nitrile sheet and tubing can be installed in commercial, residential and industrial insulation projects



Temperature Range
45 to 60kg/m + 1o%

-200 to + 115°C
Resistance to Oil &

Greass Odour

Thermal Conductivity W/m K -- -- --
EN 12667
(DIN 52612)
EN ISO 8497
(DIN 52613)
0.035@@ C
Noise Reduction upto 35dB (A) upto 35dB (A)

Noise Absorption to EN ISO 11654 Class D
Water Absorption After 28
days-max 0.9•/a max 0.9%
Corrosion Risk pH7 (neutral)
After 28 days
BS 476 Part 7
BS 476 Part 6
Euro Class, EN 13501
Reaction to Fire
Class O
Class B
Ecological Data pH7 (neutral) Closed Cell No asbestos
No formaldehyde-Cd- Hg etc.
Resistance to Building
Material Dimensions
Very Good Sheet in rolls I mtr. Wide Tubes 1.83 mtr long. Custom Available on request.

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