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Our ducts are non-combustible, flexible metal duct, manufactured of corrugated aluminium with watertight lock seams. 10' lengths comes in compressed lengths with labor saving, universal male/female fittings.

Max. OperatingTemperature

-29 Deg. To 60 Deg. C(@ max Pressure)
-29 Deg. To 60 Deg. C(@ 2” posw.g. Pressure) Standard Length: 25 Ft.
Standard Diameters: 4”
Standard Diameters: 4”—20”

Code Compliance
(Recommended Oprating Pressure)

12 w.g.pos./neg 6” — 10” dia
8 w.g pos./ neg. 12” — 18” dia
Maximum velocity 5000 FMP
Operating Temperature Range 73 deg. C to 221 deg. C.
Standard Length 10 Ft
Standard Diameter 4” — 18”

What We Can Provide

Whatever be the quantum of your requirment you can always relay on us to provide with you best quality in the following products

Rigid Extruded Polystyrene(XPS) Thermal Insulation : Boards

Expanded Polystyrene(EPS) Thermal Insulation : Boards And Pipe Section

Rockwool Insulation: Blanket , Slabs , Pipes section, Loose wool

Fiberglass Acoustic Insulation: Blanket

Closed Cell Elastrometric Nitril Rubber Thermal Insulation: Sheets&Pipes(With/Without Aluminium Facing)

Polyurethane Foam(PUF) Thermal Insulation: Bords & Pipes Section

Aluminium HVSC Ducts: Insulated / Un Insulated / Rigid / Semi Rigid / Flexible

Self Adhesive Insulation Tapes: Nitrile Rubber (With / Without Aluminium Facing)

Aluminium Perforated Sheets

G.I Wire & Wire Mesh

All Kind Of Material And Ancillary wire , wire Netting , Ferrous & Metal And Hardware Items

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